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How To Find Your Dispensaries Store Number

Note: If you don't shop at an IHeartJane store and are just visiting, you can press the LOAD NEW STORE button, then press the Load Default Store button to load an example live store

Jane Expander can load any dispensaries store that uses the IHeartJane system.

The easiest way to determine a dispensaries Store Number is to go to their website and go to their menu page. Copy the website URL from the menu page, then on Jane Expander press the LOAD NEW STORE button and paste the URL into the user input, then press Load Store.

This will submit the link to Jane Expander where it will try to determine the Store Number. Store Number can also be found by copying the link to a single product in the dispensary menu. These links include the Store Number in them and pasting this link into Jane Expander will allow it to parse the Store Number and load the store.

After Jane Expander parses the Store Number, it will update the Jane Expander URL to include the storeNumber= in it. The value after this is the loaded Store Number.

How To Create A Shortcut That Loads A Known Store

Jane Expander has the ability to create shortcuts that will load a specific store, instead of having to enter the store ID everytime you visit the website.

To use this functionality load the store in Jane Expander you want to create a shortcut for. After loading the store, Jane Expander will change the website URL from janeexpander.com to janeexpander.com/?storeNumber=1961 where 1961 is an example store ID.

Having ?storeNumber=1961 tells Jane Expander to load store number 1961 when the website loads, loading the store automatically instead of having to press LOAD NEW STORE and enter the store ID every time.
To anyone interested in hiring a full stack developer to work for your company,

Jane Expander is an example of how I can take on a challenge and see it to completion. I decided to make this my demo website because I saw gaps in the user interface of popular marijuana point-of-sale(PoS) systems online.

Marijuana is a maturing market in the United States. Patients often look at each products terpene profile before making a choice of what medicine to purchase. Terpenes are the chemicals that make each strain and batch of medicine unique. All types of medicine have different terpene profiles, but these PoS systems do not let users filter by this information that is critical to a patient's choice in medicine. I believe functionality like this would drive customers to their PoS system, increasing sales their system makes. The ability to sort by terpene values and include/exclude them in the filtering is why patients would want to find their medicine on Jane Expander instead of the PoS system's website which does not have this functionality.

I started Jane Expander knowing how to write code for a full stack system using languages like Java, Python, HTML, Javascript. I work for a company that deploys our product using Wildfly and Gitlab. I have experience working with a full stack environment, but setting one up in AWS was a new task I undertook for this project.

Jane Expander uses AWS Lambda and API Gateway to make backend requests and get the store data to display to the user. As an alternative to a traditional database, the free-tier S3 Bucket service is utilized to create a Key to Object relationship to store data for the AWS Lambda to utilize. I am also a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Javascript is used to add functionality to Jane Expander and improve the user experience versus the PoS website. Custom sorting/search/filtering functionality improves the user experience and helps the patient find the right medicine, improving their experience and driving business to the system.
Medical Benefits Per Terpene (Credit to popularcbdbrands.com):